Gordon R. McKenzie


Short articles on various legal topics.

1. Avoiding Legal Gaps in Your New Fence
Articles on Legal Topics2. Joint Bank Accounts: The Poor Man's Will
3. Three Sisters, A Boozer and a Bootlegger
4. Not Quite the Spirit of the Season
5. Decisions in the Mist
6. Playing with a Full Deck
7. Frustration on the Mattagami
8. Wills and Guardians: Protecting Your Children
9. The Case of the Missing Will
10. Lawyers in Literature
11. Lawyers in Literature - The Good
12. When Can You Get Out? The 2 Day Cooling Off Period
13. The $759,000.00 Comma
14. Murder and Real Estate Law
15. Watch Out For that Tree
16. Tempest in a Legal Tea Pot
17. The Fifth Commandment
18. A Paperless Will
19. Hopping the Fence
20. Eluding Doom: Reading those pre-printed Contracts
21. The One They Wouldn't Print

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